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Virtual Digital Seminars In The Comfort Of Your Own Home

The Our Mission:   The Dream Catcher Project is designed to help You!  Reach your goals, dreams, and desires as you realize and embrace your passion.  This project is not about us it’s about You!  Our mission is critical therefore we need our initial members to be mission critically sensitive and capable of assisting us in our effort to reach our goals. To ensure your success and ours 20000 In a Month has reached out to some to some of the greatest speakers, teachers and lecturers in the country.  Via virtual technology we have amassed a portfolio of digital seminars, which you can attend in the comfort of your home.

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You can have the most beautiful car in the world and have plans to go on a trip but if you don’t have any gas or a road map that shows you how to get where you’re going all you can do is sit in the drivers seat and think about the trip.  So it is with your life, you can have some of the best ideas but if you don’t have someone to tell how to get to the place you want to go and give you the road map – most times people won’t get to the place in life they want to go.

We guarantee to increase your financial well being, if you do what we ask, when we ask

Our Products  Come in different learning modules all designed to help you reach your goals dreams and desires.  1. Realigning your mind – listening to some of the great life skills teaching in the world.  2.  Earn While You Lean – helping us expand our membership   3. Learn real solutions to rid ones self of cancer  – and many other health solutions that have been kept from us to include cardiovascular health methods.    And there’s more!  Join us and you’ll receive a free travel club membership, which is a $129 value which offer vacations of a lifetime, 3 days and 2 nights’ accommodations, plus air in some cases. Phase 4   A European financial conference and gasoline for one (1) year.  REGISTER FREE: Click Here


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